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destructiveness n : the quality of causing destruction [ant: constructiveness]

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  1. The state or quality of being destructive.

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Destructiveness is a faculty from the discipline of phrenology.


Destructiveness is the area of dynamic energy. Some authors call it Executive Energy. It stands for force, dynamism, fighting spirit (for any cause). It accumulates energy, basically for self-preservation. If untempered by the Moral faculties, which may direct its innate energy to higher aims, it will express itself in anger, violence, cruelty, vengeance.


Destructiveness is located above the ears; if this faculty is strongly developed, the area above the ears will appear convex.

Interaction with other faculties

  • Destructiveness + strong Self-esteem: brutal tyrant
  • Destructiveness + strong Amativeness: sexual violence, dangerous moral conduct
  • Destructiveness + strong Intellectual faculties: intensive thinking activity.
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